About us

Lead by the idea that it shouldn’t be only women who are privileged with underwear creations, we devoted special attention to men and we present the new BiH brand – MANNERS.

Our vision of the new brand presents the 21-century man, in constant motion, easily recognizable by being in a constant hurry and always in competition with time. He is communicative and fond of travelling and thus strives for new standards in underwear and nightwear programs. Independent, daring and successful – MANNERS man conquers the new millennium with its confident attitude, originality and boldness in dealing with life situations in which he makes decisions, feels, manages and inspires. Manly in his self-confidence, modern in understanding the people around him, MANNERS man appreciates tradition but lives for the changes and progresses.prema naprijed.

How MANNERS originated

Evan a sketchy market analysis can bring about a conclusion that women customers have an upper hand when it comes to the selection and buying of fine underwear – but not only when it comes to buying these products for themselves but also for the men as well?! Women make up a large proportion of Alma Ras clients, but at the end of each year, in addition to the sales of women’s goods, Alma Ras has registered an increase in the sales of “men’s” products?!

Owing to these facts, we have decided to make a step forward and to research the potential of a different client target group – the men became the focus of the new production line. This potential facilitated the decision to award a new name for the new line of men’s products.

The super-brand label of Alma Ras is a synonym for high-quality and secure shopping, but we wanted to create a new brand for our customers, a brand that would continue the tradition of Alma Ras quality of products but also have its own identity at the same time. Namely, lead by the idea that the new brand will boost the post-buying satisfaction in men, enable identification of the buyer with the product and trigger men to begin paying more attention to shopping and selection of underwear.

The greatest challenge was at the beginning as there was a dilemma on how to select the right name for the brand. The name had to be “manly”, catchy and acceptable, symmetrical...etc. The name MANNERS, from its English equivalent “manners”, stood out from the shortlist of options that included RUBEN, POLARIS to name a few.

The name clearly indicated that the brand is intended for men, was graphically symmetrical and had an acceptable meaning. From this vision of a brand that represents the 21-century man in constant motion, the motion which will be facilitated by top-quality materials, we came up with the slogan “man in motion.” Following the name and the slogan, it was important to design a complete visual identity of the new brand. The grape vine leaf was symbolically chosen as the motive of the logo design. Throughout the history of art, the grape vine leaf was used as a symbol of attractiveness while the Renaissance artists used it to “censure” intimate body parts. By styling the grape vine leaf, we came to a very firm, edgy, stable yet simple and “readable” application of a logo that stands in perfect harmony with the name of the brand.

The complete MANNERS visual style is based on graphical minimalism and simplicity while special attention was paid to the positioning and the ratio between the logo, typography and other graphical elements. After successful test phases and the application of the visual solutions onto the products, we were faced with new challenges of forming the brand identity through marketing strategies and conveying it into an image and brand perception notably on the local and later on foreign markets.


Our set “mission” is to provide our clients high level of value for their money by giving them a quality local product, high level of service and customer satisfaction and a carefully selected range of products that will be easily available on the market. The vision is to create a strong local brand which will be the first choice in men’s underwear shopping and create an opportunity for the company to progress and to achieve foreign market placement.

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